Billing Services

MyCenturaHealth provides several services to its users. Billing services are one example of what the portal offers. In addition to being able to view your bills, the portal also lets you pay them, set reminders, and much more.


Your insurance policy should clearly describe which medical services are covered. Centura Health encourages patients to confirm with their insurance provider if Centura Health services are covered by their plans and how much of the bill they are responsible for. You can also check various details of your bills on the official MyCenturaHealth website at 

MyCenturaHealth Billing Services

A hospital will bill you for hospital stays, use of facilities and equipment, special treatments and tests, and medications, usually for parts not covered by Medicare or Medicaid or your private health insurance. Specialized physicians may need to issue a separate bill for their treatment or assistance in diagnosing you.

Paying with Centura Health is convenient and reliable. If you would like to pay your bill online or have questions about your bill, you can contact them. Online refund requests should be made by calling the number on the receipt of any online payment made through the website. Refunds will be credited to the card used in the original transaction for valid requests. After receiving the request, a credit will appear on the cardholder’s statement within approximately 12 business days.


Throughout the communities we serve, Centura Health is dedicated to providing high-quality health care at an affordable price. You can learn more about the billing services by visiting No matter how much they make or how they are covered, Centura Health treats urgent and emergent patients. In order to promote healthy communities, Centura Health has provided numerous outreach programs for the community. It always strives to improve the health care it provides to the community.